Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The First Church of Zoo

We spent Sunday morning at the zoo, which isn’t unheard of for my family. We figure if we’re not in church that communing with animals should count for something, right?

Anyway, it had been awhile since our last visit because it’s been hot, but Sunday morning was awesome! It was cooler and cloudy, a little breezy and the animals were out in full effect (except the lions…are they ever out?). I don’t know if the animals know the seasons are changing or they had just been fed, but we saw so much.

We took a ton of pictures and the girls had a great time. Peri is finally old enough to notice the animals and payed close attention to the elephant who came right up to the fence and was drinking water. Cate is just amazed by everything, but as always, loved her time in the aquarium. It was a great day with the fam.

On a totally different and much more exciting note, I have great news to report about my mom. After undergoing 12 straight weeks of chemo and another round of multiple tests, I am pleased to report that all of her tumors have decreased significantly. She is scheduled for a mastectomy later this month, will be on medicine forever, but doesn’t have to undergo radiation at this point because her back tumors have decreased so much. It was about the best news we could have asked for. We are all so amazed at how well her body responded to the chemo drugs and feel so hopeful about her future. So again, thank you all for your supportive words, prayers and understanding! She and my Dad are headed to NYC and Boston next week for a well-deserved vacation. Have a great time, guys! We love you!


BA said...

I am so happy that your mom's tumors have decreased! She must be an amazing woman.

Anonymous said...

All kinds of good news- I'm glad I checked in! Camille

Anonymous said...

I went to your mom's blog after yours, I tried to leave a comment but couldn't remember how I'd done it before with no Blogger acct. Anyhoo.. as I'm sure she reads yours, her latest post brought tears to my eyes for you all- her progress is truly amazing, and i'm so glad to hear that there's lots of support around; proof positive that you reap what you sow! -Camille

Summer said...

Way to go Ma! That is such great news for your family. Have fun in NYC.