Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sandy!!!

Happy Birthday, Aunt Sandy! Thanks for being such an amazing person and wonderful Aunt. We love you and hope you have a fantastic year!

Can’t wait until June, but thought you might enjoy some pictures in the mean time…

Saturday, February 28, 2009


It’s hard to believe, but Cate recently turned 5. Even harder to believe is that she starts kindergarten next year. It’s been a fast five years and Cate has smoothly transitioned from baby to toddler to full-fledged little girl.

She had a great birthday, complete with cupcakes at school and a small party at Build-a-Bear. Quite the princess for a day.

I know we sent thank you notes, but I wanted to say thanks again for all the sweet gifts, cards and calls Cate received from family and friends for her birthday. Richard – Cate wore the dress you got her (black with pink flowers) on her birthday because she loved it so much. She insisted on wearing it immediately!

So, what’s happened over the past year?

Ever the active girl, Cate is flourishing at ballet, recently started tennis lessons and loves to ride her bike at the park. She is also learning to read – it’s slow going, but she is really trying. Cate has also started to come out of her shell a bit. She is more talkative in social situations and can actually be pretty goofy at times. This is a vast change from the girl who would cling to our legs and barely talk above a whisper.

I think Cate’s best trait is her thoughtfulness. She often “decorates” our dining room table for meals (think handmade placecards & pictures for our enjoyment scattered around the table), draws sweet pictures for her friends and she dotes on Peri trying to teach and guide her.

Cate – we’re so proud of you and can’t wait to see what the next 5 years bring! Love you!

Monday, January 19, 2009

One Step at a Time

I am fully aware that I have been more than neglectful of my blogging duties – grandparents are getting antsy! Between birthdays, holidays, travel and my new obsession with Facebook, I’ve haven’t paid attention to the blog. So, since there is so much to catch up on and I have a gazillion pictures, let’s start with Mexico.

We traveled to Playa del Carmen, Mexico in December for a week of well-deserved rest. Sean was finally done with elections (for now), and we needed a break. The girls love to fly (they’re way better than my Dad and I!) and I must say leaving OKC for 80-degree weather was a good idea.

What’s to say? The food was amazing (that’s how Sean and I rate a vacation), our condo was super, the beach was gorgeous and the weather was perfect. My parents went with us and I was glad Mom got to relax a bit since she had just started chemo again.

All in all, we can’t complain. I’ll move onto Christmas, NYC and Cate’s Birthday later…

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Happy Birthday, Peri! Today, you’re two-years-old!

Two years ago at this time, we were anxiously awaiting your arrival after I went into labor with you on Halloween night! You made a big appearance in this world (all 10 lbs., 3 oz. and 22 inches of you!) and you haven’t stopped being larger than life since!

Someone described you as “sweet and sour” the other day and that’s pretty fitting. You are sweet and loving, always willing to giving “hugs and sugar” to anyone. But, let’s not be fooled! You also pretty sassy and if things don’t exactly go your way, you can get pretty mad!

You love to sing, dance, and entertain for your family and friends. You’re always laughing and saying things are “funny, mommy!” Your personality is infectious and you brighten every room you enter. You are the bright, shining star and we love you! Happy Birthday, Pepper!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Catching Up

Well, much like my friend Ginny recently said, this is going to be a long-winded one. I do apologize for the lack of posting on my part. I don’t have a great excuse except a suddenly hectic lifestyle and laziness during down time. Sorry…

Cate’s had a rocky few months. First, she started pre-K this year. It wasn’t bad, but wasn’t easy. Most of her friends from last year were gone and her teachers this year are more “business-oriented” (which isn’t a bad thing!) This, combined with the fact we missed the first three days of class because of our Denver trip, made life a little difficult in the beginning. All that said, she is now into her routine, likes her class and new friends and is making great progress.

Second, that poor girl has battled some serious allergies. After a few rounds of medications and cooler nights, I think we’ve found a temporary fix. Things still aren’t great (frequent nose bleeds have been the latest problem), and thanks to genetics, it will be a lifelong problem.

Finally, Cate got her hair chopped off. Much shorter. Like 8 inches. It’s really adorable, but she looks about two years older. My heart broke a little…

On to Peri - who didn’t have any trouble breaking in a new school because life is a party for her. She started at Cate’s school this year and not only loves her new class, but her teachers also can’t seem to quit telling me how much they love her. I know – I officially sound like that mother. I’m dumbfounded by the fact that Peri will be 2 in a few weeks. She is absolutely precocious – singing “Tomorrow” from Annie is a favorite of her activities (mowow, mowow, wuv you, day ah-way).

I have settled into work and have actually been subbing once or twice a week at the girls’ school. This has all been keeping me extremely busy (hence, no time for blogging). I am really enjoying being back at work – something wholly my own that’s not attached to my family or home. I think you other stay-at-homers might understand where I’m coming from…

Sean is running like a madman. Only a few more weeks until elections are over (Thank God!) and then we can enjoy some down time (Hello, Mexico!).

Are you sufficiently caught up for now? I’ll try not to be so delinquent – no promises, though.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thank You Global Warming?

The weather in Oklahoma has been fantastic over the past several weeks. August was strangely cool (mid 80s to low 90s) and September already feels like fall. It’s either global warming or we’re going to have a brutal winter.

Anyway, the girls and I have been spending lots of time outside at the park and at the farm in Okemah (that’s also largely due to the fact that Sean hasn’t been home too much).

I just thought I share some of the happy pictures that come when you are frolicking outside with friends and family.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Further Proof…

I didn’t elaborate too much on the concert that Sean coordinated with Death Cab for Cutie (also in conjunction with the League of Conservation Voters - a great organization!), but it was awesome!

The full band couldn’t be in attendance because of some family issues, but Ben and Chris with the band played an amazing acoustic set of mainly older songs. They played well over an hour, the audience stuck around (which oddly didn’t happen at many of the parties in Denver) and as a fan, it didn’t disappoint.

While I didn’t get to spend “quality time” with Ben and Chris (sorry Ashli, I didn’t get to ask the all-important OKC question), I did at least get to shake their hands and snap a quick picture. I think I stammered something ridiculous like, “Hi, Chris, I’m Leslie. This sounds really cliché, but I’m a huge fan.” Lame, I know.

Anyway, here’s our picture. We were hot, sweaty and tired, but all were gracious. Definitely a highlight of 2008!