Sunday, August 26, 2007

Little Piece of Trouble

I may not be prepared, people. A storm has entered my house and her name is Hurricane Peri. And let me tell you, she’s a category 5.

What’s the worst part about this storm? She’s deceptive. Yes, she has a cute little smile and laughs all the time, but that’s about where the cuteness ends these days. It’s like she’s two already.

As I write this, I am telling her “no!” every two seconds. Don’t touch (or chew on) the computer cords, don’t climb up or down the stairs, don’t pull your sister’s hair or body slam her while she’s lying on the floor. When you tell her “no” she’s not even remorseful and frankly, I don’t think she really cares. She just laughs. Yes, laughs. Hysterically. You then have to physically pick her up and remove her from the situation and she immediately crawls right back and starts doing whatever she wasn’t supposed to be doing. ARGH!

And, did I mention the screaming? She literally screams when she’s mad. It’s really charming. I think she was a howler monkey in a past life.

I have posted some really cute video of her playing pat-a-cake. Don’t be fooled, though. It’s all part of her game.

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Anonymous said...

she is so darn cute, those second girls are nuts aren't they? I will never forget how Lily was so hard on Ashli at this age- thru toddlerhood, and Alys and Sydney( and Charley, I understand..) are very stubborn and manipulative. Then there's sweet Jackie! -Camille

ginny said...

ugh, speak for yourself, Sydney's not tough...kidding, of course! However, I will say thay she was not tough at Peri's age! Poor Leslie! That pretty well sux! Climbing the stairs and body slamming already?!?!?!?

ashli said...

She is so super cute so this makes up for her little less than perfect behavior! She is quite the fireball though! No one will be pushing Peri around that's for sure! And Lily was actually quite an angel until the ripe old age of 2! So maybe P is giving you all the trouble now and saving the good times for 2!?

summer said...

Don't feel bad, Little JH is turning into a big ole butthole.