Sunday, April 29, 2007

City Gals in the Country

This week has been very long. Sean has (and still is) traveling and we are anxiously awaiting his arrival. So, in the meantime, the girls and I took a quick weekend trip to Okemah and lucky for us, it was Pioneer Days.

Cate had the opportunity to partake in the carnival. She rode the carousel and a lovely little airplane ride complete with mock machine guns. Ah, I love the small town carnivals. Anyway, she loved it, so I guess that’s all that matters. Cate also got a chance to wear her new cowgirl hat. It really was an appropriate accessory; however, her hat may have been a tad out of place since it’s from Old Navy and had sequins on it. It was definitely “citified.”

Peri missed out on the excitement and opted for a nap. How she slept through the parade with unending fire truck sirens, I’ll never know.

Can’t believe tomorrow is Monday again…where are the weeks going?


Anonymous said...

Well, that does look like fun for what it is- wouldn't appease a teenager, but perfect for the younger set. You are da bomb for making it trough all the travel- when's daddy back?

MossmanFamily said...

Tomorrow afternoon and we couldn't be more excited!! :)