Sunday, March 18, 2007

Indulge Me!

Ok, you can hate me if you will, but this is AMAZING!!! As I type, I am sitting on the deck of our Colorado cabin, overlooking the beautiful San Juan River and updating our blog. So cool. It’s seems a tad wrong to be “plugged into” the main world via computer while being surrounded by some amazing scenery, but people, this is awesome.

It’s unseasonably warm here (I’m only wearing a sweater and jeans) and so quiet. Right now, the girls are asleep, Sean is watching March Madness and all I hear is the river running and the occasional passing car.

We aren’t skiing until Tuesday, so today we took Cate and Peri to the local coffee shop, to a little park for climbing and sledding and later we’re up for more sledding. Cate is really loving it. She has been fascinated with the mountains and of course, the snow.

I wish I had pictures to post. I brought the camera, but not the cord to download. I wasn’t anticipating being able to have the ability or time to update the blog (thought we might only find a small amount of WiFi here). Trust me, we’ll have plenty to put up when we get back.

Hope all is well with you. We’ll post more later….


brooke said...

Where are you guys at in Colorado? It's hot here!

MossmanFamily said...

We're in South Fork near Wolf Creek in Southern Colorado. It is warm here, too!

ashli said...

Sounds so relaxing and peaceful! Enjoy the simplicity while you can! We miss you girl! Have fun the rest of the trip!