Friday, December 14, 2007

Utter Devastation

Well, the good news is that we arrived safely back in OKC late Tuesday night. The bad news is that we had no electricity and trees literally covered our yard. Seriously, people. It was like a logging company had been working in our front yard! Not only did trees cover our yard, but almost every yard in our neighborhood was destroyed. We drove over tree limbs and branches to even get to our house. I was so sad. Our neighborhood has tons of trees and it seriously looks like a war zone now. We were lucky nothing was damaged, unlike my friend Ginny who had a tree go through her dining room window. Nice.

In case you haven't heard, Oklahoma suffered a really terrible ice storm and hundreds of thousands of people are out of electricity. We got power back Wednesday and most of our neighbors and friends are back into the light, also. Sadly, my brother-in-law and his wife are still without power and they live 7 blocks from us! It's so crazy!

Sean and my Dad cleared up the yard as best as they could and we have hired a tree service to finish the tough stuff. Just what you want to spend money on right before Christmas! :)

On a brighter note, we loved San Diego!! Sea World was great (not necessarily any better than San Antonio, though) and we spent our final morning doing some shopping at a folksy little old-timey outdoor mall on the bay. I highly recommend it for families.

Hope all is well with everyone and you are staying warm and dry.


lifeinsuburbia said...

NO!!! Your poor trees! We lived in your neighborhood during the last big one (01) and it wasn't nearly that bad! I'm glad you got power on in a reasonable amount of time!

ginny said...

The tree situation is a sad one. I can't help but feel like our city is gonna look soooo different. I mean, come on, the trees are about the only pretty thing here!
Side note: blasphemy on Sea World SD-- I totally think it kicked SA a-s-s!!
Glad y'all had fun and welcome home!

MossmanFamily said...

I'm sure during the summer when it's peak vacation time, it did rock. But, the day we were there the polar bears, sharks, manatees and various restaurans were closed for "maintenance." All that and we still had to pay full price admission. We were disappointed. It was clear that December in San Diego was not peak time. No traffic, very few people everywhere and generally very quie, which isn't a bad thing!

Stacie said...

Oh, Leslie! That is such a sad thing to come home to. So sorry to hear it. On a brighter note, I love your house. Hadn't ever seen a picture of the outside before.

ashli said...

Craziness huh?!?!? I hated breaking the ugly news to you all over the phone like that!