Thursday, November 15, 2007

Watch Out World!

Here she comes, people. Peri is about to take over the mobile world. While she’s not confident to walk completely by herself yet, over the past two days, she thinks walking between Mom and Dad is pretty great. I think total walking is close. Enjoy our little snippet below.

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Let’s not forget about Cate, our budding photographer. Enjoy some of her pictures as we raked leaves the other day. As you can see, she favors the cutting-edge shooting style that captures your double chin. Very flattering. She's opening her own studio next week. Call for appointments! :)


ashli said...

So very cute! Our little frankensteiners!

Anonymous said...

I can take double chin shots quite capably by myself, thank you! I love that she uses the camera and actually captures people within the frame, though. That is a sweet video, it really captures those frantic first steps- how the momentum takes them along- I love it! -Camille

Stacie said...

It's so cute when they start toddling about! I love it!!!

I thought those were decent shots for such an amateur. They've got some great digital cameras made for kids. Perhaps Santa could bring one her way!!