Thursday, November 30, 2006

What A Week

Wow! This past week has been such a blur that I’m not sure where to start. First, I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday…seriously, where did the week go?

Anyway, we all survived the Thanksgiving holiday. We had lots of family in from all parts of the county and we did our best to entertain and feed everyone. Peri’s christening was last Sunday. She managed to make it through the ceremony without wailing (the same couldn’t be said for her sister at that age).

Cate has started to bogart all of Peri’s toys (what very few she even has at his point). Cate’s sense of entitlement has stretched as far as lying on the play mat with Peri and playing with the toys. I think it’s hilarious. Cate’s not really interested in the mat, but I think the thought of Peri having something she doesn’t really get to her. Can you smell the sibling rivalry already?

Peri has a tidy case of thrush. The medicine doesn’t sit will with her digestive system and we’ve had many baths this week because of puking. I took a picture of her after a bath just to prove what crazy hair she has not only dry, but also wet. It’s so cute. It’s really curly and gets poofy as it drys. For those folks who keep questioning if my hair was the same as an infant, see the picture posted. I think that will clear up the questions. Peri and I officially belong to the Crazy Baby Hair Club.

To top off the week, OKC is covered up in snow today. Yes, I know we Oklahomans are wimps, but seriously, this storm was pretty serious for Oklahoma. Anyway, we all stayed home today and even managed some play time in the freezing cold temps. Cate had a blast and it really did look like Christmas. That being said, I’m sure it will be 80-degrees on Christmas Day. This state is crazy!

OK, that’s it from the Mossmans. Happy Holidays!

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Anonymous said...

WOW- the hair. I had to look for a moment to know which one was Peri. I love that Cate is stealing her stuff- Shannon got so mad at me cuz every time I brought home shower gifts Charlie would raid it all, but they're so young and they just don't get it yet- the world truly revolves around them. More power to ya, Cate! -Camille