Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oy Vey…

Ok, I officially have a naughty child. She normally is so sweet (no laughing, hens!) and isn’t too much effort. But, let me tell you about today.

First, while in the cell phone store, I was told by Cate to “quit pushing me.” This is an interesting statement since all I was doing was walking towards her to make her stop terrorizing the equipment. All the gals in the store got a laugh about that one.

Second, after asking her to go to the bathroom before naptime, I was told, “Mommy, I’m so sick of going potty.” To which I replied, “That’s a tough one since you have to do it your whole life. Better get used to it.”

Third, after struggling to get her down for a nap and verbally threatening her, Cate told me “To not talk to her that way.” That one took me back a step.

In addition, today she has smeared Vicks Vaporub on my bedside table, dropped bear into the toilet because he had to potty and scratched my lip trying to look at my teeth.

Do they have toddler boot camp?


Keithclan said...

Want I should teach her a lesson at my house? I still think she said "mommy's a bum" when you were on the phone the other day. She may be naughty, but she sure is funny. (and really cute, too)

ashli said...

Naughty girl, reminds me alot of anna with all that back talk so young! She's learning from the best em!