Tuesday, April 25, 2006

George W. Bush Did What?

You know how some parents start potty training their children at like three-months-old? Well, poor Cate might be wishing for potty training since we have starting dragging her to political events and fundraisers. Sure, she might only be two, but is it really to early to get involved?

This is Cate practicing her “I can’t believe what I just heard” look. I’m sure in reference to tax cuts or immigration….

I think it will come in handy when she becomes the new host for Hard Ball on MSNBC or running Oklahoma when she (and bear) becomes our first female governor.

We really haven’t set our sights too high, right?

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Keithclan said...

What if instead of Hardball she takes over The Daily show? I think she has a better chance of keeping bear as her sidekick on Comedy Central. I can hear future conversations, or maybe they have already occurred, now:

" Cate, my darling, we love you unconditionally, and we want you to know we will support you in whatever religion you choose to persue or no matter what your sexual orientation may be. But PLEASE, Oh please do not make us listen to right wing republican views coming from your sweet little mouth." Have I got it about right?